I want to make a bigger difference for you (and it's free)


As you know, I'm all about this kinder, more effective, more “this is how it works in real-life” kind of habit-based coaching.

That’s my mission.

And now I want to take my mission to the next level.

While working with the Fat Loss Happens on Monday Rockstar Coaching Group, I realized the power of bringing a group of like-minded people together, all on the same journey, encouraging and supporting each other as they build new habits.

What I learned doing the Rockstar Coaching Group was how amazingly powerful it is to get together a group of people who are all doing the same program, and talk about nutrition habits and share what we're struggling with and get people's questions answered.  In fact, I was so shocked at how awesome and effective group coaching was — I may not ever do any one-on-one nutrition coaching ever again.

Everyone talked about what breakthroughs they had in eating slowly, being more mindful, feeling more full after meals, enjoying their food more, and being clearer about how to eat for fat loss.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a couple of the Rockstars had to say when I asked them, “What did you learn from being a part of this community?

(the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Ok, in actuality, I blurred them out because I haven't gotten a chance to ask them if they want their name used)

In short,the Rockstars community was awesome. And now I want to do more.

If you’ve ever read my blog,

If I’ve ever coached you,

If you’ve ever thought about being coached by me,

If you are sick of bullshit diets and arbitrary eating rules.

If you have the courage to make slow and gradual changes that stick for life,

If you're ready to master the habits that actually matter,

Then I’m super amazing excited to tell you about the launch of BACKSTAGE, a private community for people JUST LIKE YOU who want to lose fat and build a healthier lifestyle.

And the best part? It’s going to be FREE :)

Interested? Then do the following:

1.   Go to the Facebook group and request to join (don’t worry – I’ll approve you)

=> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1568893503353711/

2.   Introduce yourself and join the discussion!

Rotational Core Strength and Sassy Hips

"Make that hip sassy" has to be the best cue for a rotational conditioning exercise I've ever heard.  And probably one that I would't have thought of myself.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.38.05 PM

I'm a HUGE fan of deadlifts, and Jen gives you three killer rotational deadlift variations — which is super, super unique.

One is a rotational deadlift for conditioning workouts.  Another is a rotational deadlift for strength workouts.  And another one is a rotational hybrid-deadlift-hip-flexibility-shoulder-stability-awesomeness that could go either way — strength or conditioning — depending on how you load it.

"Same but different" is how I like to do variation.  As in, we might do one deadlift for one month (or rep range), and a different deadlift the next month (or different rep range), but we always have a deadlift in the program.  

Anyway, three cool rotational deadlift variations.  Check a look if you're into such things:

Jen Sinkler's Three Awesome Rotational Deadlift Variations

Interviewed on The Rdella Training Podcast!

Rdella training podcast

Here’s what you’ll hear about this week in episode #99 of the Rdella Training Podcast:

  • Why Josh decided to specialize exclusively in Fat Loss
  • His approach to training (and it may surprise you)
  • How the title of the book came to be
  • How he ended up teaming with Dan John on the project
  • The story about how the book evolved
  • A quick review of Park Bench vs Bus Bench workouts (important)
  • Understand the major components of the book
  • What specific results Josh gets with his clients
  • His secret for success (key tip for trainers and coaches)
  • His preferred tool for food journaling
  • What’s the “hard talk”and why it’s his both his favorite and least favorite thing
  • Quality vs Quantity – the simple answer
  • Carbs and Fats – what he uses as his guiding principle
  • 4 Ninja food skills (and how to be successful with them)
  • The truth about “willpower”
  • An intro to the 11 key habits for fat loss
  • The principles of the exercise program
  • Josh’s great advice on how to track your fat loss
  • And, his big action after hearing this interview…


Don't Eat Your Keg Stand for Dinner

Wine tasting vs keg standing

Let me start off by saying there's nothing wrong with keg stands.  If you goal is to get wasted as fast as possible, then keg stands, case races, drinking games, or a 'Tour de Franzia' all make a lot of sense.  It's goal specific — get as much alcohol in yourself as fast as possible.

Contrast that with wine tasting — where the goal is to taste the wine, savor the flavor, to be there and enjoy it.

Eating Your Keg Stand?

It doesn't make sense to eat like a keg stand.  The goal a meal is not to get as much food in as fast as possible.

In fact, that's actually the least enjoyable way to eat.

Imagine you got an amazing gourmet meal by your favorite celebrity chef.  Would you really wolf it down in 10 minutes flat?  Would you really shovel one bite in right after the next and never stop to really taste it?

If you're eating gourmet food, is it really about quantity?  Would you slam delicately prepared and beautiful food until stuffed?


If You're A Foodie, Eat Like You're Wine Tasting

If you get a great filet mignon, you treat each bite like the delicacy that it is.  You deliberately slow down and be with it, because you don't want it to end!  You want to get every bite, to savor it, to be there, to really enjoy it.

If you like food, that's actually your best access to enjoying it.  To eat it slowly, mindfully, and celebrate each bite.

Whatever you eat, BE THERE.


Works for Free Meals, Works for On-plan Meals

If you're having a delicious "Free Meal", you should really be there for it.  Enjoy every bite.  Eat slowly.  Appreciate the delicacy of layered ingredients.  Celebrate the poetry of flavors. 

And if you're eating a meal that's "On-plan", you should really be there for it.  Enjoy every bite.  Eat slowly.  Appreciate the delicacy of layered ingredients.  Celebrate the poetry of flavors.  It's the same deal.

And if your "On-plan" meals don't taste good, try adding seasoning.  And sauces.  And flavor.  Buy cookbooks.  Ask your friends.  Take a cooking class.  Making food taste good is an essential skill to both hitting your fat loss goals, and general life enjoyment.  

Valerie Waters said it really well in the forward to Fat Loss Happens on Monday:

"We need to feed ourselves in a way that's nourishing on every level:

 • Nourishing in that we get the nutrients we need
 • Nourishing in that we like it
 • Nourishing in that it feeds our goals and who we said we wanted to be"

wine tasting

Mindfulness, Eating Slowly, Enjoyment

In the last Fat Loss Happens on Monday Coaching Group, one of the most universally reported results of eating slower and more mindfully was that people enjoyed their food more.  

It's cool, because ultimately these are all "tricks" for helping people meet their fat loss goals.  Everyone eats less when they eat slower.  Everyone eats less when they are more mindful and more aware of what they're eating.

The fat that it works so well for both — results and enjoyment — it's almost magic.

by Josh Hillis
author of Fat Loss Happens on Monday


*Picture of keg stand from wikimedia commons - author grants permission to use photo for any use.
**All other pictures licensed from Bigstockphoto.


Where's Josh Been? Where's Josh Going to Be?

Where is josh

Hey guys!  I know I was totally M.I.A. in January.  Here's what's up:


Fat Loss Happens on Monday

Fat Loss Happens on Monday has been selling thousands of copies.  It's outsold everything else I've ever written combined.  

I've gotten about 100 emails that said some version of this: "Hey Josh, this is the best fat loss book I've ever read in my life.  I'd never heard of you before, but I've been reading Dan John's stuff for years."  

So I think co-authoring the book with one of the most respected and best selling fitness authors and speakers in the world may have helped.  Thanks Dan =)

I've been getting a lot of inquiries about speaking, consulting, mentorship, internships.  All kinds of stuff.  It's all really new.  I feel like I got the Golden Ticket in Willy Wonka's, this is amazing.

And that doesn't even get into how amazing the Fat Loss Happens on Monday Coaching Group went.  I was so so so stoked to get to work with people in a group, online, with daily check-ins on these habits.  There's another one starting in a few weeks, but that's another post...


Motivate NYC 2

Motivate Summit NYC

Going to Motivate SLC two months ago made a huge impact on how I coach, my business, and who I get to be for my clients.  It was literally the most amazing workshop I've ever been to on motivation, habits, listening, empathy, and building community.

This month (Feb 21st) I'm going to Motivate NYC.  It's at the world famous Mark Fisher Fitness, one of the coolest, most amazing communities/gyms in the world, it's worth going just to see MFF.  

It's an "un-conference" meaning everyone is a speaker and everyone is an attendee.  That's a facny way of saying it's all "round table discussions", and I got more out of it.  I'll be there, a long with other habit/community geniuses like Mark Fisher and Steven Ledbetter.



Strength Matters Summit (San Diego) 

At Strength Matters Summit in San Diego there's going to be intermediate to advanced workshops for trainers by Dan John, Steve Maxwell, Jill Miller, James Fitzgerald, Dr. John Dimuro, Seb & Josh from the Strength Matters Podcast, Franz Snideman, James Breese, Mark Toomey, David Whitley, Perry Nickelston, Paul Mcilroy, Mark Reifkind, Sean Greeley, and me!

I'm going to be talking specifically about how the habit coaching from Fat Loss Happens on Monday looks from the Coaches side - how to ask questions, build momentum, frame progress, and foster autonomy.  It's going to be really, really awesome, and if coaching fat loss is something you're up to, you're going to want to be there.



Updating the NASM Certification Exam

So this is where I just got back from in Kansas last month.  I originally got certified as a personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2004.  So getting to be part of the team that writes updated questions for the CPT Exam was an amazing, amazing experience.

First off, I'm a nerd for this kind of stuff!  I got to learn all about psychometrics and what it takes to write good and fair questions that actually test the material.  Second, getting to write questions that might be on someone's test someday is a huge amazingly great responsibility.  I was totally, totally honored to get to do that kind of work (and it was hard work!)

Strength matters magazine

Wrote articles for Strength Matters Magazine

The first article is about the biggest mistakes people make when trying to implement new habits, and how to overcome them.

The next article coming out is about the Three Keys to Coaching Fat Loss and how to rig the game so your clients always win and make crazy fat loss progress.  

Really cool articles geared towards trainers coaching habits, but could also be awesome for the end-user also, to see "behind the curtain" on how to make habit change work for yourself.


Actual Blog Posts Coming Soon!

Ok guys, so I know I was gone for a while, and setting all of this craziness up.  But I have about 17 blog awesome blog posts coming your way.  I'm actually really stoked to get back to writing!!!!

Coming next week!