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November 08, 2013

5 Reasons Cutting Gluten = Magical Fat Loss. None Of Them Are Gluten Related

Look, I know, there could be as many as 1 out of 8 people has a gluten sensitivity.  That means that at least 7 out of 8 people DON'T have a gluten sensitivity.

Which is why I'm not going to tell you to cut gluten for health reasons.  If you have a health issue, see your doctor or allergist or registered dietician.

For fat loss, cutting out gluten does a few magical things:

1.) It cuts out all of the cheap, easy, crappy food you eat.  Cutting out gluten MASSIVELY REDUCES MOST PEOPLE'S CALORIES. (decreases quantity)

2.) It makes you more mindful of what you are putting in your mouth. (increases quality, decreases quantity)

3.) It makes eating crappy food more expensive and more difficult.  (increases quality, decreases quantity)

4.) It pre-disposes you to eat more fruits, vegetables, quinoa, and rice, for carbs. (increases quality)

5.) It pre-disposes you to eat more protein. (increases quality)

Boom.  There you go.

No surprise that it works for fat loss.  It limits quantity of food, and it increases quality of food.

I'm telling you though, the day that you can get gluten free twinkies at 7-11, gluten free will cease to work as a fat loss tool.  That's why "low fat" stopped working for fat loss, it ceased to be a tool to increase quality and limit quantity, the only two variables that actually matter for fat loss.

Remeber, there are only two variables in fat loss:

1.) Increasing the quality of food = leaner at any given bodyweight

2.) Decrease quantity of food = lower body weight

It doesn't really get any more complicated than that, unless you've massively overdone one of the two for long periods of time.  For the other 90% of people, that's the whole deal.

You don't need to be scared of any foods.

That being said, if cutting out gluten works as a simple tool to help you increase quality and decrease quantity, by all means do it.  Just know why you're doing it, be straight about it, and don't be afraid of it.

by Josh Hillis


March 16, 2012

Meso Diet + Intermittent Fasting

The first time I ever heard of Intermittent Fasting was actually from Robb Wolf, who's sort of a Paleo evangelist.

So for all of the people that have asked me if they can combine their fasting with a Paleo diet, the answer is yes.

It's actually very simple:

Your Intermittent Fasting program dictates the WHEN TO EAT

and your Paleo Program dictates the WHAT TO EAT

And that's it.

They don't compete at all.

What About Meso?

The hardcore Paleo types never allow a free day.  Paleo is Paleo, and if you have a free day, it's still Paleo.  So your free day you might go crazy with bananas and strawberries or something.

Which is why I created Meso - so that there would be a distinction for mostly Paleo.

Well, I've kind of assumed that your intermittent fasting program has a free day.  And your free day is definitely Meso. 

I would also go Meso on your Warrior Diet day.

I would stay Paleo on your 16/8 fast days.

Your Intermittent Fasting Week:

1 x Free Day = Neo/Whatevery You Want

1 x Full Fast Day = n/a

2 x Warrior Diet Day(s) = Meso (Paleo + Brown Rice, Quinoa or Sprouted Grains)

3 x 16/8 Fast Days = Strict Paleo

So to re-iterate, your intermittent fasting program dictates WHEN, your Paleo or Meso program dictates WHAT.


But WAIT!  Should I do the Carb Cycling Meso Program from two weeks ago's blog or the Intermittent Fasting Meso Program from today's blog?

Either one.  But choose one, and do it for 12 solid weeks.  The re-evaluate.  

Switching sooner than that would be a mistake.  Do one or the other, and do it completely.


Josh Hillis

March 09, 2012

The Meso Diet and a Carb Cycling Plan

Carb cycling is a really simple concept for advanced fat loss.  I don't really ever mess with it until women are already under 25% or men are already under 15% body fat.  Before that, just keep taking steps to eat more protein, less calories, and better quality carbs.

But if you are ready for an advanced fat loss protocol, here is what it would look like...

Josh Hillis' Meso Diet™ Carb Cycling Week:

Sunday: Neo (FREE DAY: Pizza, brownies, burritos, cookies, ect.)

Monday: Strict Paleo

Tuesday: Meso (Paleo + Brown Rice or Quinoa)

Wednesday: Strict Paleo

Thursday: Meso (Paleo + Brown Rice or Quinoa)

Friday: Strict Paleo

Saturday: Strict Paleo

Remember, Mesolithic Man was just an upper paleolithic cave dude who ate grains once in a while.  Again, it's mostly Paleo.

In the 7 Steps to Paleo book, Jenna Shannon talks about how there are different versions of Paleo - and she talks about the lower carb paleo and the higher carb paleo.  In this Meso carb cycling plan, we'd do the lower carb version of Paleo four days per week.  Two days per week, we'd do the higher carb version of Paleo, with the addition of Meso carbs Brown Rice and Quinoa.

Like I've always said, the body loves cycles.  While mostly I've talked about how to cycle workouts, the body loves to cycle diet as well.

How To Get Started with Paleo 7stepstopaleo

It's the simplest starter guide to eating Paleo I've ever seen.

It also gets bonus points because it's so totally realistic.  

While I love what a "mostly Paleo" or "Meso" diet can do for you in terms of fat loss, most Paleo books turn me off because they are so over the top crazy.  And that's the only reason I've never recommended a Paleo book before - I hadn't ever found one this normal and balanced.

7 Steps to Paleo, is a really simple, easy, down to earth guide to eating Paleo.  

It's 1/2 Paleo Recipes and 1/2 a step by step plan to implement the logistics of actually making the diet work.



JoshBy Josh Hillis, 



March 03, 2012

Josh Hillis' Meso Diet™

Sure "Paleo" diets are all the rage.  I'm here to tell you that "Meso" is even better.

Here's how to do Josh Hillis' Meso Diet™:

1.) Eat 80% of your meals Paleo, 6 days per week

2.) Eat 20% meals that include "ancient" grains, 6 days per week

3.) The 7th day is a "cheat day"

What Is Paleo? B86a7-Raquel_Welch_One_Million_Years_BC_C10101932

Paleolithic Man was the caveman that just ate meat and fish and birds, and some root vegetables (like sweet potatoes and yams) and fruit and nuts.

Proponents of the Paleo diet say that this is the caveman to follow, food wise.

Ultimately, it makes a lot of sense: It's all real food, it's got lots of protein, and all of the carbs are good carbs.  There's also good fats from nuts and guacamole.  Cavemen loved guacamole.

And I think cavemen loved Raquel Welch also.

What Is Neo?

Neolithic man is apparently the "bad" cavemen.  People who are about the Paleo Diet say that Neolithic Caveman was the beginning of the end.

Neo Caveman was the dude that started to farm.  He domesticated grains and combined 'em to make new grains.  In fact, if this caveman new how to make that genetically modified food thats illegal in Europe, he probably would have.  What an a-hole.

Seriously though, Neo Caveman started to eat grains 'cause it was way F'in easier than chasing woolley mammoths around all of the time.  

What Is Meso?

Mesolithic Caveman overlapped the end of Paleo and the beginning Neo.  

Meso actually isn't distinct from either one.  Some people call Meso "Upper-Paleolithic" and some people call it "Proto-Neolithic".  Basically it's a grey area where elements of both were blending.

So Paleo hunted and gathered.  Neo farmed.  What did Meso do?

Meso Cavement were still hunting and gathering.  But they found out that they could mill, soak or sprout *wild* grains and eat 'em.

So that's the distinction between Meso and Neo:  

Neo Caveman domesticated and farmed grains.  Grains became the major part of his diet.

Meso Caveman would eat wild grains when he found 'em.  He knew about grains and he ate 'em, but he mostly hunted and gathered.

Why Should You Do The Josh Hillis Meso Diet™ Over Strict Paleo

First, because it's a lot easier.  20% grains makes a big difference in having your diet work in real life.

If one meal a day, or one meal every other day can have some brown rice or quinoa or beans or something, everything goes a little smoother.

Second, beacuse I've never met anyone who didn't get the body they wanted because of brown rice or quinoa or Ezekiel Bread.  For most people, these are A+ carbs, and are great tools for building a hot rockin body.

How often have you heard of movie stars, models, or athletes talk about eating chicken and brown rice?  All the time.  It's practicly cliche.  

If brown rice is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

What Grains Are Allowed in The Josh Hillis Meso Diet™?

Old ones.  The older the better.  Like really retro.

1.) We'll do Emmer Wheat, Einkorn Wheat, and Spelt Wheat

2.) Any wheat that is sprouted we'll do.

3.) We'll also do brown rice and quinoa.

4.) We'll also allow pulses likes peas, lentils and chickpeas.

5.) And we'll definitely allow flax.

Everything above is off-limits in Paleo, but being the Meso's that we are, we're going to eat 'em.

As far as wheats go, sprouted wheats and spelt are going to be the easiest to come by.

Brown rice and quinoa are staples of any fat loss diet, and always have been.  This is indisputable.  Just ask every bodybuilder or fitness model ever.

And flax oil is a great source of fat, and flax seeds are a great source of estrogen fighting lignans and also fiber.

Health vs. Fat Loss

There are world famous Nutrition Phd's and Evolutionary Biology Phd's arguing over the health benefits of Paleo vs. Meso vs. Neo, the same way they were arguing about whether low fat was the answer or if eggs would kill you in the 90's.  

There are really intelligent people on both sides of the debate about whether or not Paleo is the healthiest option.  There are even really smart dudes arguing for Neo being the healthiest option.

WIth all these geniuses fighting about it, I'm not even going to step into that debate.  I am going to say that it's all healthier than fast food hamburgers, pizza delivery and chocolate chip cookies.

What I am going to say is that people get wicked fat loss results from a mostly Paleo (like 80%) with some really awesome grains some of the time (like 20%), and that's where the Josh Hillis Meso Diet™ came from. 

It's just about fat loss.

Movie stars, rockstars, personal trainers, and fitness models have all famously eaten Meso forever.  Of course they don't call it Meso, but chicken with brown rice is so common among actors and trainers and models that it's cliche.  

And brown rice is Meso.

How To Get Started with Meso™

So remember, Meso is just the 80/20 rule.

The Josh Hillis Meso Diet™
= 80% Paleo
+ 20% Neo

Or, to put it even more simply, it's "mostly Paleo".

Well, most people already know how to do brown rice.  So really what you need to learn is how to rock the 80% that's Paleo. 7stepstopaleo

My recommendation is to get this book: 7 Steps to Paleo by Jenna Shannon.

It's the simplest starter guide to eating Paleo I've ever seen.

It also gets bonus points because it's so totally realistic.  

While I love what a "mostly Paleo" or "Meso" diet can do for you in terms of fat loss, most Paleo books turn me off because they are so over the top crazy.  And that's the only reason I've never recommended a Paleo book before - I hadn't ever found one this normal and balanced.

7 Steps to Paleo, is a really simple, easy, down to earth guide to eating Paleo.  

It's 1/2 Paleo Recipes and 1/2 a step by step plan to implement the logistics of actually making the diet work.



JoshBy Josh Hillis, 



January 31, 2012

FREE: One of THE BEST Fitness Books of All Time

And there's no catch.  Dan made the Kindle version Free:


BTW: If you want to read my original review of Never Let Go: 

And in case you don't have an Amazon Kindle, you can actually download a free Kindle Reader App for iPad, Android, or even your desktop: 

August 22, 2011

Ripped Abs, Never Lifts More Than Five Reps

207770_1750062386552_1088630395_31647044_5701627_n Really fun interview, Neghar Fonooni is the awesomeness.

Her workout is going to blow your mind - She got ripped abs by not trying and she never lifts kettlebells for more than five reps.

Women, find out what it *really* takes to get a body like this.

It's pretty savage to find a girl who's this little who regularly does workouts with two 44lb kettlebells.

Check out the video interview above!

Also check out Neghar's awesome website/blog:

You're totally going to get a kick out of this interview!


June 19, 2011

Everyone Blows Their Diet Sometimes

IStock_000006373179XSmall Look, there is sort of this myth that fat loss requires perfection.

And this is especially true for everyone who is right in the middle of Xtreme Fat Loss Diet - given that it's only 25 days, the pressure to be perfect for every one of those days is huge.

And don't get me wrong, that's what I want you to go for.  Follow the plan according to the plan.  You've got five free days in there to look forward to also.

But if you do fall off, you just get back on.

Seriously, the leanest people aren't the ones who never fall off their diet.  The leanest people are the ones who fall off their diet, and get back on immediately.  This is what rockstars do.

Fat people fall off their diet a day and say "Well, I blew my diet, might as well start over next week."

Rockstars fall off their diet and say "Ok, I messed up.  I'm going to get right back on my diet tomorrow.  Scratch that - I'm going to get right back on my diet NEXT MEAL."

It only takes one meal to get back on track.

You win the war one meal at a time.

If you've fallen off, you can get back on track RIGHT NOW.

That's one of the coolest things about eating - you can get back on track at any time

I mean, you only work out so many times per week.  But meals, you have them all the time!  You have a virtually unlimited opportunity to eat meals that are going to make you leaner!

When every meal you eat takes you one step closer to your goal, YOU FEEL AWESOME ALL OF THE TIME.

You walk, talk, and carry yourself differently when you are eating meals that take you closer to your goal.  And it gets better WITH EVERY MEAL.

There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you are on track.

And if you are off track, you can eat a meal RIGHT NOW that puts you on track.

If you have to go to the supermarket to get good food for that meal, do that now.

It doesn't matter if you've been off your diet for a meal, a day, a week, a month or a year.  You can get back on right now.

If you haven't gotten my oh-so-subtle message....  it's NOW.

Josh Hillis, RKC, CPT, PES, ZMIS

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