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December 13, 2012

This is Cool: 717 Rule for a 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet

The following 7 days were designed to make you lose fat rapidly.

Whatever your body type, if you are currently consuming a lot of sauces, fruits, carbs, or any other form of sugar, I have an excitingly easy and approachable way for you to lose fat in the next 7 days.  

Dr. Kareem is not a nutritionist, so this is simply his own experience and experience he's had with clients that decided to give it a try -- without fail so far, it works. 

It's called the "717 Rule," and it's wicked simple -- here are the only things you have to remember and follow for the next week:

  • No more than 7 grams of sugar per day
  • No more than 17 grams of carbohydrates per day
  • Day 7 is a Cheat Day (eat anything you want, but no trans fats or preservatives)

That's it -- stupid simple, and awesomely effective.  

Reset your body's relationship with sugar, strategically consume sugar and other carbohydrates every 7 days, and allow your body the opportunity to repair insulin sensitivity rapidly.  

Like I've said before, I think that the smartest play with fat loss is to have short extreme bursts to cause results, within the scope of a larger more reasonable long term program.  

I'm really not a fan of super-low carb in the long term.  

That being said, it works really well in short bursts.  So that's why I thought you'd get a kick out of it.

The 717 Rule is meant to be combined with a very specific set of exercises, along with a 3-step plan.  So if you want to know about the plan and morning workouts that go with it, check 'em out here:
 14 Day Fat Loss Plan for only $14


Isn't this just Atkins induction with the promise of even less exercise? Just water weight loss?

I've Self-communicated myself into passing on this...

This is not $14 as you state above. It is $21. Am I wrong?

Losing the weight naturally is the best way to achieve a balanced body. Physical exercise is also an impressive way to achieve the healthier and fit body.

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