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October 14, 2012

Which Workout Made Her Hotter? Prometheus vs. Dragon Tattoo


Noomi Rapace played Dr. Shaw in Prometheus, and she played THE Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the original Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

And with Prometheus coming out on Blue-ray and DVD, I thought it would be killer to check a look at both of the workout programs she did.

What's interesting about Noomi is that she does a nearly completely different workout program for every character she plays.  And it has a massive impact on how she looks:

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Workout

She first locked up her diet: She didn't eat any pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, or alcohol for the whole year and a half (they filmed all three movies back to back).  

Then she and did martial arts like Taekwondo, and did "boxing and kickboxing until she looked like a boy". 

So she dieted enough to lose 4kg (about 9lbs), and then did crazy amounts of boxing - essentially cardio/interval cardio.  She got very lean and very skinny.

Noomi Rapace - The Girl Who Played with Fire_2


Noomi-rapace-in Dragon tattoo

Prometheus Workout

For Prometheus, she worked with a personal trainer doing strength training to prepare herself for the stunts.

"I remember I told me trainer that I wanted to change my body into like a cat. I want to be like an animal, be able to do whatever is necessary for me to do to survive. You know, if you throw a cat down from a tree they will land on their feet, and they can run if they need to and they can climb."

We can guess she did the obvious strength-training-for-stunts kinds of things: Lunges in all directions, jump squats, single leg hops in multiple directions, pushups, body rows, ect.

She mixed up the training she did with the trainer with some long distance running.





Noomi-promethIt's interesting because for Prometheus, she definitely has more muscle than she did for Girl With The
Dragon Tattoo, and at the same time she looks way more feminine.  

And she specifically asked Ridley Scott to let her not wear make up, have jacked up hair, and be covered in blood and alien goo all the time.  So I'm definitely talking about her body, not whether or not she got her hair did.

So when she wanted to look more boyish, she actually lost more weight and got even skinnier, for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I think the sportier stunt girl look she got for Prometheus looked way hotter.  But you tell me - which look do you like better?

-by Josh Hillis, RKC, CPT, PES, ZMIS

 P.S. I'm just a trainer dude.  So it really helps, if you've liked any of my books, to review them on amazon!





I agree, way hotter in Prometheus. I had seen it in theaters and just rewatched it on Blu-ray at a friend's house and she was breathtaking, really. I thought she looked lovely in the other films as well, but her Prometheus physique is closer to my own personal preference. I don't necessarily want quite that much muscle, but I would much rather look like that than the uber-leanness of Lisbeth Salander.

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