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May 31, 2011



Hi, Josh. You know, I have been using/practicing EatStopEat since last winter (March, 2010), and I can't tell you just how effective it has been! I lost weight, slowly, but consistently, over the last year; my weight loss has been at least 15 pounds (I know; doesn't sound like much, but over 3" in hips, waist and thighs), and have maintained that ever since. I still use ESE, and have also just started with kettlebell training. In fact, I just finished your 21 Day Challenge last Sunday! I absolutely LOVE the kettlebells! So, what should I do next? I was using a (fairly inexpensive) 15 lb. KB (just so that I could handle the initial challenge), but I realize that I could use a 26 lb. KB. Do I have/need to subscribe to a program to continue? Thanks so much for your program and your help.


Josh Hillis

Hi Cathy!

First off, HUGE DOUBLE HIGH FIVE!!!!!! Losing 15lbs is AWESOME! And losing 3 inches is even better!

If I were you, I would take a week off, then go through the 21 Day Kettlebell Challenge again with a 26lb kettlebell. You are totally right on with what you are thinking about that.

Most women should be thinking that after a month or two, they should make the 26lb kettlebell their main kettlebell. I know it's ultra simple, but a 26lb kettlebell is going to be almost double the work of a 15lb kettlebell.

Long term, you should be working towards being able to do the Advanced program with a 26lb kettlebell, and the intermediate program with a 35lb kettlebell.

Between 21 Day Challenges, you could work on those same skills, but pulled out from the intervals. In other words, you could work on one arm swings, but without a time limit. You could work on the power and quality of your hip snap, and hiking the kettlebell back harder.

Essentially you could work on a.) Form, and b.) Volume (the total number of sets and reps. Going through phases of longer and more rested workouts is awesome.

BTW: Big fan of ESE!

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