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March 28, 2011

Video: Sucker Punch Girls Working Out

Whether you loved the movie Sucker Punch, or hated it, you've got to admit that the workouts that the girls did for Sucker Punch were pretty awesome:


Their Trainer, Logan Hood, said they worked on three things:

1.) More Weight

2.) More Reps

3.) Faster Time

I thought it was pretty cool, 'cause last week I put up a video for the System 6 crew about the three ways to track progress in your workouts, and it was those same three.

All of the girls have talked about the progress they made, and it's clear that they made serious, measurable progress in their workouts.  And that is actually your goal in the weight room - to make progress.  To get more fit.  To force your body to get leaner, by making it do more.

It's important to note that they made this progress training 12 weeks before the movie started, and then over the course of filming.  This was not an overnight thing.  They seriously put in the work.  And still, I would say that the progress they made was really fast - they got really strong, really fast. 

In the world of trainers, Logan must be the awesomeness.


And They Defininately Got Strong:

Sp_blondie_lg  Vanessa Hudgens Deadlifted 180 Pounds

Sp_amber_lg Jamie Chung Deadlifted 210 Pounds

Sp_rocket_lg Jena Malone Deadlifted 235 Pounds

More proof that strong girls are hot.

by Josh Hillis, RKC2, CPT, PES, ZMIS 

P.S. I'm just a trainer dude.  So if you've liked any of my books on amazon, it helps a lot if you review them!


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