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February 10, 2011



Brilliant! I actually ended up having to get down on the ground to remember how I do get-ups and you're so so right. I can't believe he actually made a video doing it so so wrong. I'm glad yet again that I was taught by an RKC accredited instructor who explained well and was exacting about form....


I love turkish getups, so seeing Bob teach them wrong to his gross amount of youtube fans is just kind of scary.


I'm stunned...that is the most amazing thing I've ever seen...


I just saw this, Josh! NUTS! Totally going to post it to FB. How in the hell can someone screw up a TGU THIS bad? Thanks for posting this! Bob isn't too far behind Jillian when it comes to being a completely incompetent trainer. Ugh. It just seems to get worse!

Ryan Minor

Hey man. I'm trying to re-create his TGU as a parody. Do you remember any of the things he was saying? I think I have his TGU itself down pretty well, I just want to remember what he said when he was trying to show, through the chick, what was "going on".

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