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January 05, 2011

Olivia Wilde Tron Catsuit Workout

So no surprise Olivia Wilde looks bangin' in her Tron catsuit - she rocked her workout program!

Celebrity trainer Patrick Murphy, who trained the actress for TRON, says, “Many of the stunts and fighting scenes Olivia had to shoot demanded her to be in shape, strong and very stable with superb balance. Olivia has a dancing background and moves with grace, but I knew that we needed to gain some muscle mass and strength, stamina and overall body balance and coordination.”

source: IGN Movies

See the exact workout here: Olivia Wilde's Trainer Drops Knowledge on her Tron Workout

The Four Elements of Olivia Wilde's Tron Workouts:

1.) Combination Exercises

(squat+calf raise+curl, lunge+kick, squat+curl+press, squat+cable row)

2.) Explosive Exercises

(jump lunges, power pushups)

3.) Big Compound Strength Movements

(squats, lunges, pushups, shoulder press)

4.) Multi-Dimensional Movements

(Side to side shuffles, side lunges, torso rotation, rotational lunges)Olivia-wilde9

Combination Movements for Fat Loss

So check out combination movements - they're pairing two or three totally seperate moves together, in the same movement.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (who both I and Patrick Murphy are certified as personal trainers through) states that combination moves should be used for:

1.) Extra work volume 
2.) Building coordination
3.) More full body, cardiovascular exercise

And they totally work for all of those things.  Put them in either at the end (last movement) of a fat loss circuit, or at the end of a workout.  It's a great way to get some extra work in.

Don't have too much of a good thing!   Combination movements limit the amount of weight you can use, so you don't want to make up a whole workout of combination moves

You can never squat+curl+press as much weight as you could squat or even as much weight as you could press.  It's limited by the curl. 

New studies on the metabolism boosting effect of workout (EPOC) show that working out boosts your metabolism more when you lift heavier than when you lifting lighter.  Thanks scientists!  Duh!

So what you want to do is do some compound movement work with heavier weights, followed by some extra volume work with combination movements.

Explosive Movements for Fat Loss

We all know big explosive movements are awesome for fat loss.  Quite possibly the most effective movements on a minute by minute basis.  That's why I love me some explosive movements!

Jump lunges are awesome, and I always use them with my advanced clients.  Power pushups I don't use as often, but they are equally awesome. 

My favorite explosive fat loss movement, of course, is the kettlebell swing.  But y'all already knew that!

Two things about explosive movements:

1.) Explosive movements are a fat loss power tool - advanced chicks and dudes only.
2.) You've got to be good at landing.  If you are going to jump, you need to know how to land: (video on landing here)

Compound Movements for Fat Loss

If you've read this blog for any length of time you already know:

Bigger Movements = Bigger Results

A compound movement is a move that uses more than one joint.  A single joint movement would be a leg extension.  A multi-joint movement would be a squat.

So you already know that big compound movements like squats, lunges, pushups, pullups, kettlebell swings, jumps, rows, dumbbell presses are all awesome fat loss staples.

Those movements are literally the foundation of great fat loss workouts.


Multi-Dimensional Movements For Athletic Preparation

One thing we don't talk about much on this blog is multi-dimensional movements.

Face it, most workout movements we do are frontwards and backwards (nerds call that the Sagital Plane).

Rotational movements (nerds call that the transverse plane) are almost completely ignored, as are side to side movements (frontal plane).

Look, you can get really lean just doing front to back movements like dumbbell presses, kettlebell swings, lunges, ect.  But if you want to be in athletic shape - like to prepare your body to play a field sport, you need rotational and side to side movements.

Olivia was doing fight scenes and her own stunts - if she was prepared for all planes of movement, she could have gotten really hurt. 

Part of the athletic training for Olivia Wilde to play her Tron roll was side to side and rotational movements.  My favorite of both are lunges: Side lunges, rotational lunges, lunge+body rotation, and lunge steps with hip and foot rotation.  Olivia also did side to side shuffles and band torso rotations.


 Get Your Sexy Glowing Catsuit Body

There is no question that Olivia Wilde got tha bangin Tron catsuit body 'cause she put in the work.  She did really smart strength training workouts with compound moves, explosive moves, combination moves and multi-dimensional moves.

She had a great plan, and then she followed the plan.

Josh Hillis, RKC2, NASM-CPT, PES, ZMIS

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