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September 13, 2010

Ms Fitness USA's #1 Tip For Losing Weight and Leaning Up

Taryn Bagrosky, Ms Fitness USA, has a great fitness blog:

In this really awesome 4:00 video, Taryn shares her best logistical strategy and her best emotional strategy for staying on he workout and diet.

As much as we want to beleive that it's somehow easier for MsFitness USA, or that her circumstances are better than ours, the truth is she just has better strategies than we do.
The cool thing about knowing her for a couple years is that I've seen that she has a totally normal life, with a really exceptional plan on how to fit her workouts and her diet in.
I've seen her have days where she trains 10 clients back to back and is totally exhausted, snacking in the 5 minutes between clients, and doesn't want to work out.
So in this short video above, she shares the best tip EVER for making it all work in real life.


Hey Josh,
I thought you might enjoy this article on water intake and weight loss.

I know drinking water is important, but I think because of this article, I'm really going to up my water intake, especially before meals.

Thank you for sharing. Really appreciate!

Just wondering if I would like to lose my waist fat, how should I go about it?

Can anyone help me?

Thank you! :)

Start with keeping a food journal. Then slowly add in strength training.

Awesome article. I read it a while back (when I first saw your post) and have been meaning to write about it and to hit you back. I think it's really cool when something that's healthy and that you need anyway makes a big difference in fat loss!

commercial fitness equipment can help body exercise for man and woman. Every day it is use improving healthy lifestyle.The information present here this blog is helpful for the readers.

I found almost thousands of reasons for weight gain but not getting an effective result for losing weight these are just because of a several number of diet plans are now easily available in the market with an affordable piece of price.

So while go through this above article and video streaming I must came to an conclusion that an effective weight loss plan should brings a lot more towards our weight loss practices. I would just like to choose some of the effective points over from here for further concern.

This is what i was finding, the good way to loss the weight without any side effects.Thanks for sharing it.

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