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April 07, 2010



Hi Josh, sometimes a person's fat distribution and bone structure can make them look leaner and slimmer than they really are...and I also realize that many people tend to underestimate BF% because there is no way to accurately measure it (from what I read, DEXA scans are closest to accurate for a live person)...my gym buddy who has a similiar build to Kim K (minus the big boobs), with the same toned, flat tummy had a DEXA scan done, and her body fat came up at 23%. She works out regularly and actually looks leaner and more athletic than Kim K especially around the arms and legs, so I'd think Kim K would be at 23-24%. My build is closer to Khloe but when I did my scan, my BF% came up to 26.4%. The results were higher than we both expected but oh well...it's true what you say, as long we're happy with how we look and we're fit and healthy, numbers shouldn't matter much.

Josh Hillis

Totally right!

I had a client once who looked better at 26% body fat than most girls look at 19% body fat. I mean, she looked like a movie star.

Some people are luckier than others in the way their body carries it.

The number can be used as a way to measure progress, but ultimately, if you're happy with how you look, that's the most important thing!

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