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January 14, 2010



Hey Josh,
This info is amazing! I recently started working out with kettlebells and love them! Now,if I could only get the snatch down. I keep slamming my wrists.

Josh Hillis

Do you have Enter the Kettlebell? It's got solid training progressions for the snatch.

Usually if people are smacking their forearms on the snatch it's one of two things:

1.) The kettlebell is going up and over your hand.

2.) The kettlebell is coming way too far forward - like in a swing.

For the "up and over" problem, it's all about timing. You really need to PUNCH your hand UNDER the kettlebell, instead of having it flip over and hit you. You punch under it while it is weightless and almost not moving.

You want just enough hip snap for it to "stall" right BEFORE the top, so you can punch under.

For the two far forward thing, you have to intentionally flatten out the arc. After your hip snap launching it forward, you have to re-direct that force straight up.

The line of the kettlebell should be a "J" - It goes behind you, then you snap it forward and re-direct the force up.


Yeah, I think it is the second part I'm doing wrong. I find I think of it as a swing thus bringing it to far forward. I'd love you to show a good demo of the snatch like you did for the swing. I got the swing down now,even impressed my fellow Crossfitters :)

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