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August 18, 2009

How Britney Lost 20lbs in 4 Weeks

Britney Spears August 2009

She used the Hollywood secret that everyone misses.

It's the biggest, best, most important secret of fat loss there is.

And yet, if you read the magazine article in Ok!, you still might miss it.

Eat Right And Work Out For A Long Time

Britney Didn't lose 20lbs in a month with a magic diet or workout. 

She worked out and ate right and lost 1 or 2 pounds per week like any normal human being.

The before pictures they are using are from over a year ago.

I wrote about it here: Britney Spears "Circus" Workout with Seven

back in December 2008 - and she'd already been working out for months and seeing results.

Britney Spears 20lbs heavier.  When was this - 2007?  2008?

Lets get real - it's actually a lot simpler easier to lose 4 pounds per month than it is to lose 20.

But Britney has been rocking her food, her workouts, dancing a lot while she is on tour...  she's been at this for a while, and she actually lost the weight at the same realistic pace that you can.

What Doesn't Sell Magazines...

...Is What Will Get You The Body You Want

I don't know why it sells magazines to say "Lose 20lbs in a month!" but it does.

Losing 20 pounds would be a lot of work.

And starving.

Probably drugs.

Maybe even chopping off a limb.


If you do a crash diet/workout program and try to lose 20lbs in a month, you will fail miserably.

But you can lose 4lbs per month, and win.  And win every month until you hit your goal.

If you take realistic steps, one at a time, then you are totally for real on your way to rocking a multi-colored bikini top with your spandex pants like Britney in the picture above.

I Know It's About Working Out and Eating Right, and Losing 1-2lbs of Fat Per Week...

...But Why Am I Having So Much Trouble Doing That?

Because no one is making you do it.

Seriously.  Rockstars don't even want to do it.

Britney said she hates working out and eating right.  But she likes having a hot toned body. 

Because she likes having a toned body, she hired a trainer to make her do it.

The secret IS NOT that she had some magic plan.

THE SECRET is that she hired someone to make her do the things she wouldn't do on her own, and make her do it until she hit her goal.

And then with her trainer holding her accountable to lift weights and eat right, she lost weight in the same totally normal amount of time that you and I would.

What Britney Did That is REALLY Amazing

Britney-workoutThe story really should have been about the fact that Britney lost the weight and kept it off for a year!

A year later she is still eating right, and she is still working out.

A year later she still has the rockstar body.

How many people lose weight and then next thing they know they find it again?

But Britney didn't stop and get fat again.

She's maintained her healthy and fit lifestyle for over a year because she's had a solid accountability structure the whole time. 

Britney is either:

A.) On tour: Dancing constantly or practicing her dance routine constantly.

B.) Not on tour: Working out with her trainer 5 days per week.

Either way, she kind of doesn't have a choice about it.  There are other people there to keep her on track.

The Ultimate Secret of Rockstar Fitness

Eat Right.  Work Out.

If you haven't been eating right and working out on your own, then you create an accountability structure for eating right and working out.

That's the whole secret. 

Sometimes accountability is a trainer.  Sometimes it's being on tour.  Some people can have a really great workout buddy that holds them accountable.  Sometimes it's an online coaching club.

What structure you decide to use doesn't matter.  Just make sure you have structured accountability.

If you have structure and accountability then you'll do the things it takes to have a rockstar body.

And if you already have a rockstar body, you'll be able to maintain it for as long as you have structure and accountability.

Vma-britney-spears_2001 Britney-2009
Britney in 2001 at the Video Music Awards and Britney in 2009 practicing for her new tour

By Josh Hillis, RKC
Coach of the fat loss structure and accountability program, Josh Hillis Platinum Coaching Club


So - even if I have more than 7 pounds to lose, I could use this program? I've read about it and it sounds like something I would like to try, but I figured I would have to wait until I'm closer to my goal weight. Would it be appropriate for me to use now? Also, I don't belong to a gym, but I do have a treadmill and lots of free weights at home - would I still be able to do your program without all the fancy gym equipment?

You can totally do the program with free weights. The only two things in S7 that use fancy equipment are body rows and pullups - both of which you could substitute for dumbbell bent over rows.

It's funny how things progress - Stubborn 7 used to be my most advanced program - now it's the program I start people with. So the answer is yes, it's a great workout for you to do right now.

Great! Thanks for your response - I will definitely be ordering your Plan!!!

How do I create an accountability structure for eating right? All the personal trainers that I've been to, they don't really care what I eat! Maybe I should have fired them all! So how do I have accountability for my eating?


If your trainer doesn't care about your food, then they have absolutely no idea what produces results for fat loss.

I only train my clients one time per week, the other workouts (and of course their food) they are on their own.

So the first 10 minutes of every session I check in on how many workouts they did, how their workouts went, how many calories they ate each day, how much protein they got each day. And some clients I'll even measure every single session, either body fat percentage or circumference measurements.

In the Josh Hillis Platinum Coaching Club, there is a point system that you post weekly that rolls all of the things we want to track into score. And I weighted the different aspects we track by importance. It makes it really clear where the biggest opportunities for improvement are, and really clear exactly how well you did that week.

I'm glad to have an opening here even if the previous discussion was closed. I thought Sienna Miller
looked pretty skinny in her Hollywood promotional photos, in the movie, however, she looked fantastic.
As usual you were right all along.

Thanks dude!

The whole point was that she looks hotter with a little bit more muscle.. So we were pretty much on the same page anyway.

Awesome, you'll totally love it!

Make sure to use the food journal!

Hey Josh..loved the article.
Question? WHERE can I get more protein in my diet? I have been keeping an online food journal, and most of my calories are in carbs. It's SO hard to eat protein at work..b/c a sandwich is so much easier. Do you recommend cooking chicken at night and bringing it in to work for lunch? Meats are the only thing that gives you protein, right? Or cottage cheese... I need major help w/ my diet. I am struggling to lose these last 10 pounds. I work out fine...But I need to cutout certain things in my diet, b/c my metabolism is slowing down tremendously! IT SUX!
Thanks :)

Another great"eye-opener"...You cut right to the heart of the matter:My fat-loss clients appreciate how great a factor accountability plays in any real fitness challenge..
I almost always start out by asking for a "food log":3 consecutive days,including one weekend day.
By being clear and honest with how we account for our behaviors,we begin from a place of mutual respect.
I would like to ask a question to all your viewers:trainers and trainees alike:
The word "DISCIPLINE"........
I try NOT to use it in regard to fat-loss,as my experience shows that it may imply a client is"lazy" with his eating/training.
Instead,i use the word"STRUCTURE"........
workout plan,eating plan,etc..

As always,Josh,you rock:
I would love to use the Britney story on my 'blogsite:could you let me know if that would be permitted,and how you feel about that?
(I've spoken about it,and passed your info on,to 90% of my clients already!)

Jason Koronakos
fit at 50

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