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August 18, 2009


Sharon Reisinger

So - even if I have more than 7 pounds to lose, I could use this program? I've read about it and it sounds like something I would like to try, but I figured I would have to wait until I'm closer to my goal weight. Would it be appropriate for me to use now? Also, I don't belong to a gym, but I do have a treadmill and lots of free weights at home - would I still be able to do your program without all the fancy gym equipment?

Josh Hillis

You can totally do the program with free weights. The only two things in S7 that use fancy equipment are body rows and pullups - both of which you could substitute for dumbbell bent over rows.

It's funny how things progress - Stubborn 7 used to be my most advanced program - now it's the program I start people with. So the answer is yes, it's a great workout for you to do right now.

Sharon Reisinger

Great! Thanks for your response - I will definitely be ordering your Plan!!!


How do I create an accountability structure for eating right? All the personal trainers that I've been to, they don't really care what I eat! Maybe I should have fired them all! So how do I have accountability for my eating?


Josh Hillis

If your trainer doesn't care about your food, then they have absolutely no idea what produces results for fat loss.

I only train my clients one time per week, the other workouts (and of course their food) they are on their own.

So the first 10 minutes of every session I check in on how many workouts they did, how their workouts went, how many calories they ate each day, how much protein they got each day. And some clients I'll even measure every single session, either body fat percentage or circumference measurements.

In the Josh Hillis Platinum Coaching Club, there is a point system that you post weekly that rolls all of the things we want to track into score. And I weighted the different aspects we track by importance. It makes it really clear where the biggest opportunities for improvement are, and really clear exactly how well you did that week.


I'm glad to have an opening here even if the previous discussion was closed. I thought Sienna Miller
looked pretty skinny in her Hollywood promotional photos, in the movie, however, she looked fantastic.
As usual you were right all along.

Josh Hillis

Thanks dude!

The whole point was that she looks hotter with a little bit more muscle.. So we were pretty much on the same page anyway.

Josh Hillis

Awesome, you'll totally love it!

Make sure to use the food journal!


Hey Josh..loved the article.
Question? WHERE can I get more protein in my diet? I have been keeping an online food journal, and most of my calories are in carbs. It's SO hard to eat protein at work..b/c a sandwich is so much easier. Do you recommend cooking chicken at night and bringing it in to work for lunch? Meats are the only thing that gives you protein, right? Or cottage cheese... I need major help w/ my diet. I am struggling to lose these last 10 pounds. I work out fine...But I need to cutout certain things in my diet, b/c my metabolism is slowing down tremendously! IT SUX!
Thanks :)


Another great"eye-opener"...You cut right to the heart of the matter:My fat-loss clients appreciate how great a factor accountability plays in any real fitness challenge..
I almost always start out by asking for a "food log":3 consecutive days,including one weekend day.
By being clear and honest with how we account for our behaviors,we begin from a place of mutual respect.
I would like to ask a question to all your viewers:trainers and trainees alike:
The word "DISCIPLINE"........
I try NOT to use it in regard to fat-loss,as my experience shows that it may imply a client is"lazy" with his eating/training.
Instead,i use the word"STRUCTURE"........
workout plan,eating plan,etc..

As always,Josh,you rock:
I would love to use the Britney story on my 'blogsite:could you let me know if that would be permitted,and how you feel about that?
(I've spoken about it,and passed your info on,to 90% of my clients already!)

Jason Koronakos
fit at 50

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