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April 24, 2009

Sienna Miller "Baroness" G.I. Joe Movie Workout


Sienna Miller is completely transforming her body.

She's been weight training - with a goal of gaining muscle!

While most women are scared to death of bulking up, Sienna needed to add muscle for the role of The Baroness in the upcoming G.I. Joe Movie.

Most girls would flip if they worked out and the scale went up.

Scale weight isn't the whole deal though.  Muscle is smaller than fat.  Muscle is less jiggly that fat.  Muscle feels healthier and has more energy than fat.  Muscle doesn't have cellulite.  Maybe this lean muscle thing isn't so bad...

Sienna gained 5lbs of muscle - tell me what you think:

Sienna Miller Baroness Workout Body

She looks awesome.

Adding 5lbs of muscle made her actually look leaner.

And on top of that, another 5lbs of muscle is going to have a really positive impact on her metabolism - she'll get to eat food and still look hot.

Sienna Miller's Baroness Workout = Weight Training and Boxing

Which, while I know she's doing it because it's specific to her role in the G.I. Joe Movie, boxing is the new Hollywood thing this summer. 

Lots of Hollywood's hottest starlets are getting the body they want by combining weight training circuits and boxing workouts.  Lauren Conrad has also been doing boxing and strength circuits, and she's looking leaner than ever. 

Sienna, besides her boxing and weight training, is also working with an MI6 agent on fighting skills.

Fight training is full body, it's intense circuit training, and it's explosive.

The more athletic a workout we create, the more powerful an impact it has on fat loss.  That's the reason I created Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss, and Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss for Women

Boxing is kick ass for fat loss.

Strength training rocks for fat loss.

Even if you aren't planning on being in the G.I. Joe Movie this summer, the combination really works for getting you the kind of lean, athletic, sexy body you want in 2009.

Remember these Two Rules:

1.) Strong girls are hot.

2.) The more athletic a workout you do, the more powerful a fat loss result it produces.

You always want to get stronger in four movement patterns: Pushing, pulling, squatting and either kettlebell swings or deadlifts.

Sienna Miller said she worked on "arms, back, and legs".  "Arms" is pushing and pulling.  "Back" is pulling, deadlifts or kettlebell swings, and "Legs" is squats, lunges, kettelbell swings or deadlifts.

If you take a boxing class, take a real boxing class.  You know, where you hit something, like focus mitts or a heavy bag.  It's a huge step up in intensity, and that makes all the difference.

There is a huge difference between doing real fight training and real boxing and taking a Turbo Kick Box cardio class where you are punching in the air to music - that just doesn't cut it.  

If you aren't getting stronger, you are spinning your wheels in your workouts.  Keep a workout journal so that you know if you are really getting fitter, or if you are just going through the motions.

Don't be afraid of gaining some muscle.  There is a difference between gaining 5lbs of muscle looking like Baroness, and gaining 25lbs of muscle and turning into the Incredible Hulk.

As you can see with Seinna, she actually looks leaner with another 5lbs of muscle.

Most women will have a much faster metabolism, and find it much easier to stay leaner with another 5lbs of muscle.

So hit the weights and the boxing, get stronger, and see if you look hotter and fit into your catsuit better with a little more strength!



By Josh Hillis



Josh is the author of the ever-popular fat loss e-book: The Stubborn Seven Pounds


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"I've seen more results in 6 weeks training with Josh than I saw in the previous two years working out on my own" -Stephanie Weis


Usually Josh you are right. Sienna still looks pretty skinny. Do you have any before shots?
I think Angelina Jolie would look better in that cat suit.

What a load of nonsense. You can see the catsuit is having a corset like affect on her mid section. She has always been naturally slim.

Just FYI, it's not a real corset, it doesn't actually restrict her. It's just tailored to look like a corset with the piping and such. She wouldn't be able to do the action scenes if it was restrictive. Just pointing that out.

I appreciate this article so much! I faced the same struggle when getting strong for the Fire Dept - realizing that I could no longer be Kate Moss and have the upper strength to yank someone out of a building : ) Thanks for all you do!

"She wouldn't be able to do the action scenes if it was restrictive."

But she can in those heels?

Either way, she looks great. I love your books, btw. I have never tried anything that works this well. Thanks!

lollll she looks good but extremely awkward. she doesn't have the inner confidence and overall kick-assitry of an action babe.

Sorry Scott, but SKINNY is not the word to describle her, lets try FIT!
Thats the word us ladies in training like to hear!

Ummm, her "awesome" figure in 99% leather catsuit. The woman has no muscle tone underneath all that.

Hi Josh, I enjoy your blog, it keeps me motivated to get in (better) shape and keep my spirits up (unemployment, the extra pounds bla bla). Hey, I read this article about Gym Jones in the Wall Street Journal and I thought of you. Enjoy! Judith

she looks dumb

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