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April 24, 2009



Usually Josh you are right. Sienna still looks pretty skinny. Do you have any before shots?
I think Angelina Jolie would look better in that cat suit.


What a load of nonsense. You can see the catsuit is having a corset like affect on her mid section. She has always been naturally slim.

Felicia Nomiko

Just FYI, it's not a real corset, it doesn't actually restrict her. It's just tailored to look like a corset with the piping and such. She wouldn't be able to do the action scenes if it was restrictive. Just pointing that out.


I appreciate this article so much! I faced the same struggle when getting strong for the Fire Dept - realizing that I could no longer be Kate Moss and have the upper strength to yank someone out of a building : ) Thanks for all you do!


"She wouldn't be able to do the action scenes if it was restrictive."

But she can in those heels?

Either way, she looks great. I love your books, btw. I have never tried anything that works this well. Thanks!


lollll she looks good but extremely awkward. she doesn't have the inner confidence and overall kick-assitry of an action babe.

Debbie Eden

Sorry Scott, but SKINNY is not the word to describle her, lets try FIT!
Thats the word us ladies in training like to hear!


Ummm, her "awesome" figure in 99% leather catsuit. The woman has no muscle tone underneath all that.


Hi Josh, I enjoy your blog, it keeps me motivated to get in (better) shape and keep my spirits up (unemployment, the extra pounds bla bla). Hey, I read this article about Gym Jones in the Wall Street Journal and I thought of you. Enjoy! Judith

Narsa Dogg

she looks dumb

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