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December 08, 2008

Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel Workouts!

For the last 15 years Valerie has some wicked hot hollywood stars like Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Garner, Poppy Montgomery, and Cindy Crawford. 

Kate Beckinsale always looks wicked fit.

Valerie is known for having her celebrity clients do circuits of high intensity movements like reverse lunges and side lunges. 

To really take the intensity of the movements up a notch, she has them use the ValSlide (see video below).

In episode four of her show Red Carpet Ready TV, she even talked about when she trained Jessica Biel.   Jessica had just finished Stealth and Blade Trinity and she was looking too "action hero" and they hired Valerie to make her look a little more "girl next door" for her next movies.

Was Jessica Biel too buff to play the girl next door?  Probably.  But I think she looks awesome both ways - action hero or girl next door, she always looks lean and fit.

It all comes down to circuits of big movements (all kinds of lunges, pushups, even more full body intense movements like that mountain climber variation) on the ValSlide.


Everyone should know that they don't need to go out and drop $24.95 or more for Valslides. Moving sliders (such as EZslide) are *exactly* the same and you can get 4 pack for $11 and under at Walmart ...and share with a friend. :) If you go for the round ones instead of the oval ones, you can get an even better deal. The little slippery bags are also available for hard floors. Worse comes to worse, paper plates work well.

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