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October 14, 2008



OH! I love Halloween party but I am too BIG for that. I am already under diet plans as well as excercise, not sure which one will work!

George Samuelson, RKC

Josh, that's a pretty kick ass costume if you're going to be Lacey Chabert.


Hey Josh,

Can you do a post about Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars? Her body is PERFECT! And we'd all love to know how she does it (obviously she dances, but that can't be all she does.. the girl is TONED without being the least bit masculine.)

Josh Hillis

Jose, good job! Keep doing both!

George, dude do you like my costume?

Kate, I should totally do Julianne Hough! I'll give you a preview though - she does a lot of squats and lunges, and she's pretty much all about lifting with free weights.


Hey Josh, I have a question for ya.
I've always thought Elisha Cuthbert has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood. I've also read that she's "not a gym girl". She doesn't really do workouts. Now, I realize you can get far by running, staying active and eating right (her routine according to a blog I read), but still don't really believe she could get that fit without doing a single squat. What's your opinion?


This is such a great idea!!! It's past Halloween already, but I have a holiday party to go to next month and I look like a freakin' football player in the halter dress I want to wear. I've taken a "before" picture and everything...and gonna try to hold myself to a full month of hard-core exercise and food log!

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