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July 09, 2008

Best and Worst Beach Bodies: Audrina Partridge

When InTouch Magazine does their "Best and Worst Beach Bodies" article, it's always fun for me to check it out and see who I should write about.

Audrina Partridge Credits Sit-Ups for Losing Fat

This episode features Audrina Partridge saying that the secret to her abs is doing 100 sit-ups per day. 

This, of course, is typically the kind of thing that celebrities say when they don't have any idea how they got the body they have.

Or it could be the one line that the writer pulled out of a 15 minute interview.  She could have talked about all kinds of things.  The writer (who isn't a fitness expert) might have just wanted a quote that would fit the picture. 

And then everyone goes out and does 100 sit-ups and wonders why they don't have Audrina's body.

Given that she has the same personal trainer as Lauren Conrad, it's safe to say that she did the same kinds of workouts, including squats and lunges and all the other big movements that actually build sexy lean bodies in the real world.

Audrina and Lauren

Lauren Conrad's Diet Didn't Work For Audrina

More interesting is that their trainer put them both on the exact same diet, and while it worked wonders for Lauren, it didn't work at all for Audrina.  In fact, it Audrina said it made her "...really bitchy and light-headed. Lauren did really good with it, but it made me really sick."

The take away is that different people need different things, food wise.

You shouldn't be on any diet that makes you angry with the people around you.

Some people feel much more full and satisfied with lots of good carbs (fruits, veggies, brown rice), some people feel more full and satisfied with more protein (fish, chicken, beef, bison), and some people feel more full with lots of good fat (fish oil, flax seed oil, avacado).

Everyone needs different ratios to feel good.  It's individual.

If you don't feel good, you can't maintain it.

You've got to keep a food log to see which meals make you feel full, happy, and satisfied.

Take note: Was it more protein?  More carbs?  More fat?

Audrina on the set of the upcoming Into the Blue 2

I Eat Hamburgers and Ice Cream: Everything is Relative

Audrina told TV Guild that she eats hamburgers and ice cream.

One look at her body and you can tell that hamburgers aren't the main staple of her diet.

This is the same thing that happens when a celebrity says that they aren't on a diet.

When Audrina Partridge says she eats hamburgers and ice cream, she doesn't mean that she has eats that all the time.

She means that she eats it at all.  That she hasn't permanently removed it from her diet.

She may have a free day once a week.  Relative to other Hollywood girls, that may seem wild and crazy.



Josh News: I'm in a music video! 

Okay, so you already know if you've been following me me on twitter.  But here is the full story.

I'm a huge fan of The Flobots from way back.  My friend Anthony used to be Brer Rabbit's personal trainer, and we'd get free tickets to see them at Denver local venues like Herman's Hidaway and The Bluebird.

Since then they've blown up to #3 on Billboard's moden rock chart, been on Carson's show, Leno's show, got and got a record deal from Universal.

Filming their second video, Rise, they came back to Denver and opened it up for all of their old fans to be in the audience.  It was awesome.

While they're performing, you'll be able to see me in the middle in the second row.  And when they show the different organizations, I'm with The Department of Peace, in the back in the middle.

And I was stoked Brer Rabbit remembered me =) 


Josh_bBy Josh Hillis
Author of How To Lose The Stubborn Seven Pounds

Josh is currently finishing up his second book Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss

Josh is a fat loss expert, a kettlebell instructor and a 24 Hour Fitness Master Trainer in Denver, Colorado.  Josh helps women and men lose stubborn fat.

"When we say Hillis, we mean awesome.  When we say awesome, we mean Hillis." Dave Whitley, Senior Instructor - Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor.

© Joshua Hillis 2008


Id just like to ask a couple of questions

Firstly, Im naturally tall and pretty lanky, (6"3, 80kg) but since i started university i have developed quite a belly! So my first question is, can i lose this belly fat unless i stop drinking a lot on nights out?
Secondly, i do weights 3 times a week, and for about 6 weeks i did a 20 minute run about 3-4 times a week, but i never really got any bigger interms of muscle, nor did i lose any fat. (For the run i would do 5 minutes warm up and then increase the speed through out the run until i was runnign about a 4 minute KM in my last 4 minutes.)
can you tell me what im doing wrong please.

Thanks a lot

Josh - you rock!!!! I look forward to your emails, everything you say is 100% right on target. I love this one, because I just figured out if I'm eating the wrong type of diet, I lose weight but I'm a b**** and it's not sustainable (for me or my family ha). I felt like a failure because many diets just did not work for me. Now I'm eating 5 times a day and losing weight and getting fit and I feel great. You're the best!

I used to be on a diet that made me a cranky bitch, too! The worst thing is that it took me forever to realize a. that I was being a bitch and b. that the diet was the cause!

This makes me think of the classic 90210 episode where Kelly's bitchy friend comes to the girls' slumber party and makes everyone cry when they play "Skeletons in the Closet." Then at the end of the episode, her purse falls open and diet pills spill out. Everyone sees that her diet is the reason for her bitchiness, and they all end on good terms!

hey josh - love the blog. great stuff!

i found this on the web. it is suppose to be a copy of jessia alba's typical workout. i'm not sure how accurate it is.. but was thinking of trying it out. what are your thoughts (especially on the 10 min cardio things)??

Step 1: Warm-up Cardio
• 10 minutes warm up on exercise bike

Step 2: Circuit 1 (repeat this circuit 3 times with a 30 second rest between each set)
• 15 reps Incline chest flys (7kg dumbbells)
• 15 reps (per leg) Single leg squats (holding 2kg dumbbells)
• 20 reps Tricep dips from a bench

Step 3: Cardio 2
• 10 minutes of medium to high intensity cardio on an elliptical machine or treadmill

Step 4: Circuit 2 (repeat this circuit 3 times with a 30 second rest between each set)
• 12 reps Chest press on flat bench (7kg dumbbells)
• 15 Hamstring curls with back on mat and feed on a stability ball
• 35 Ab crunches focusing on lower abs
• 35 Ab crunches focusing on upper abs
• 30 Oblique crunches

Step 5: Cardio 3
• 10 minutes high intensity cardio on treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Hi Josh- just wanted to say that i love the blog and also love the stubborn 7 program! ive literally been reading ALL of your old posts! i was wondering do you do online training or something like that? i have so many questions that i dont know who to ask. maybe if you have a free second and dont feel that im imposing you could answer a few? im 5'3 and 116lbs, looking to get to about. i keep a very detailed food and exercise log too.
1)what are your thoughts on dairy as a protein source?
2)do you have any breakfast ideas besides an egg white veggie omelet? im trying to eat NOTHING but fruits, veggies, and lean protein

Fat loss is the primary objective not weight loss. It is the excess fat that is so damaging to health and so very hideous to look at

Dieting just does not work. In fact there are studies to show that people who eat more frequently tend to burn calories more efficiently


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