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May 28, 2008



Hey Josh, I just wanted to say that your entries are inspirational. I love to read new tips and to put them into practice in my life. Thanks for creating and keeping up with this website!


Hey Josh. Agreed!
THANK YOU I really REALLLLLY needed this.



I know it is very challenging to eliminate process food such as bread. Are there alternatives to bread that are not processed, did a quick Google search and found something called Ezekiel bread - I am not sure if this is bread or expensive cardboard.



Ive gotta say the closer I inch toward forty the harder I need to work to stay aesthetically fit.

not so much the cutting back in calories (which I refuse to do :)) but eating REALLY REALLY clean.

it's all pretty simple huh? what to do I mean.
people just dont wanna do it :)



Thanks for another great article. I have the Stubborn 7 and the only thing I think it's missing is more nutritional info. Maybe throw in some meals plans somwhere like with an article like this that focuses on nutrition. I think that is the "sticking point" for so many of us!! Thanks Josh!! :)

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review

Great post Josh - when the pressure's on, it seems that people magically start making progress because they are actually eating healthy :). Most people try running and excercising, then don't understand why they aren't making much progress - eating is 80% of the battle! Thanks again for an inspirational post.


YOUR SITE IS AWESOME!! You tell it like it is!


Hi Josh-
For some reason, instead of ordering your book, I ordered another book you recommended by Craig Ballentyne (sp?). The Turbulence Training book. Anyway, I HATE this book!!! It may work for some people, but I find that it is too easy and not intense enough. It's just not the workout for me. It seems like, from your site, that your workouts are more like Jillian Michaels' workouts (which I LOVE, but I have done a lot and am looking for something new). Can you confirm this for me? I don't want another workout like Turbulence Training, and am looking to get my money back as I don't think it's an effective program. I just want to make sure that your workouts are a good mix of cardio and strength training, will take about an hour to complete, and will leave me wiped out!! Does that sound accurate? Thank you!!

Josh Hillis


The only way my workouts wouldn't leave you totally wiped out would be if you were doing them wrong.

To get a taste of some of my style: go to www.fighter-workouts-for-fat-loss.com
and you can try six of those workouts for free.

and try out some of the workouts. They're only 21 minutes, but it'll be the hardest workouts you've ever done in your life.

The S7 workouts are a little longer(more like an hour), but they aren't really "harder" than the Fighter Workouts.


Hi Josh, could you please add before pictures of your clients too and not only the after pictures? We'd love to see those to have an idea about how much change is possible given the timeframe...I myself am at 28% body fat and am looking forward to getting down to 23% following the routine in your book. I'm giving myself 2-3months to get to that goal. Thanks.


Hi, I have found your blog post about "Lose Stubborn Fat!" to be very informative, descriptive and contains useful tips that I would recommend to other bloggers and people searching for useful weight-loss and health related information. My blog is related to yours and I have bookmarked your blog and would be referring back to it to check up on your new posts. I hope you keep on posting good information.

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