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May 28, 2008

How Did Lauren Conrad Really Eat? (to be on the cover of SHAPE Magazine)

Often people wonder, what does it really take to get that lean?

Or people think that it's just genetics or photoshop.  That celebrities have some super secret trick that mere mortals can't possibly replicate. 

While a lot of them have unbelievable genetics, a lot of them really have to work for it. I get the feeling that Lauren Conrad really has to work for it.

While I'm sure there is airbrushing and photoshopping going on, the reality is that these girls are actually in wicked shape before that. 

There are too many paparazzi pictures in all of the magazines showing what they really look like.  The paparazzi pictures look pretty much the same.  Lauren is actually that lean in real life.

What Lauren Conrad Really Did To Get In Shape for the SHAPE Magazine Cover

1.) She avoided all processed carbs, like bread and pasta, for three months.

2.) She ate lots of  whole food unprocessed carbs, like fruits and vegetables...  For three months.

3.) She ate lean proteins, like chicken and fish, at every meal...  For three months.

4.) She ate small meals spaced evenly throughout the day...  For three months.

5.) She worked out five days per week: Lifted weights (think squats, lunges, pushups, and rows) twice per week, and ran three times per week... for three months.

6.) She ate one "cheat meal" per week - a spoonful of cookie dough.

What Would Happen If You Did That?

With that kind of food, ANYONE would get in amazing shape. 

If you ate like that, it wouldn't matter your genetics, your thyroid, your parents, your metabolism, what point you are starting from, what happened last week - none of that would matter.

Anyone who ate like that would get amazing results.

But who eats like that?

Why Lauren Eats Better Than You Do

The truth is, if you were going to be on the cover of a magazine in your bikini, you'd probably lock up your diet also.

Most people never have that kind of accountability.

It's her job to look hot.  If Lauren Conrad doesn't look like that, she gets replaced by someone who does.

I've had a million clients who "couldn't get their workout and diet together" until six weeks before their "big event".  Doesn't matter what the event is - could be spring break, a wedding, a 10 year high school reunion, whatever.  The point is, when the pressure is on, people find a way to make it work.

All of a sudden, six weeks out, people start eating perfectly. 

When the pressure is on, the out of control free meals aren't worth it anymore.

When there is the accountability of having to wear a bikini, or board shorts or swimsuit in public - that's when things turn around.  That's when people start to eat like rock stars.

Summer is The Accountability Right Now

You don't want to be the girl wearing the one piece bathing suit because you're ashamed to wear a bikini.  Everyone is looking at the girls in the bikinis.

You don't want to be the only guy with his shirt on, when the rest of the guys have their shirts off.  Seriously, don't be that guy.

You might not be able to get a Lauren Conrad body by the time summer is over.  I don't know what place you are starting from.  But you can definitely lose 1-2lbs of fat, every single week, for the rest of the summer. 

If you followed how Lauren ate, and lost 1-2lbs of fat, every single week, all summer long, it could change your life.  This could be the summer where, every single week, you feel better about your body than you did the week before.

It doesn't matter where you are now.  You could be 3lbs from your goal, or you could be 50lbs from your goal.  Every single week you can get a little better. 

And just being on the path to your goal totally transforms you.  By doing the work and getting results, you get to live into that future.

When you are getting stronger, getting fitter, and getting leaner, you just feel awesome.  You walk differently.  You look at yourself differently.  And because you're getting results, your clothes fit better =)

If I'm driving West, eventually I'm going to hit California.  I don't need to be in California right this second, but I know I'm going to get there.  In fact, I can look at how fast I'm driving, and accurately predict how long it's going to take to get there.

It's the same with your fitness goals.  If you are losing 1-2lbs of fat per week, it's only a matter of time before you hit your goal.  Just keep on driving.

Josh News: Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss 

I know, I know.  I promised it would come out months ago.  Soon very soon.

These things always take way longer than I thought they would.

Right now I'm putting together all of the testimonials and after pictures.  It's really, really cool. 

In fact, collecting all of the after pictures and writing up everyone's story is my favorite part of my job.  I get totally pumped. 

It's totally inspiring, and when it's all done I can't wait to share it with you guys.

It's funny, I have a friend who does a lot of fitness marketing who told me "Wow, the after pictures for The Stubborn Seven Pounds are amazing!"  I'm thinking, "Just wait 'til you see the new ones for Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss!"

But I didn't realize until he said that, that most of the e-books being sold online don't have any after pictures.  It kind of shocked me.  Do these people have clients who get results? 

The only reason I wrote a book is because my clients get results.  In fact, I have three more books that I'm going to write just because of specific situations that came up with my clients. 

That's another super fun part of my job, getting creative with fat loss workout programming when "life happens".  It's cool getting clients results in less than perfect circumstances.  And it keeps my job interesting and challenging.


Josh_bBy Josh Hillis
Author of How To Lose The Stubborn Seven Pounds

Josh is currently finishing up his second book Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss

Josh is a fat loss expert, a level 2 kettlebell instructor and 24 Hour Fitness Master Trainer in Denver, Colorado.  Josh helps women and men lose stubborn fat.


"I got more results working with Josh for six weeks than I did in the previous two years" -Stephanie Weis

© Joshua Hillis 2008


Hey Josh, I just wanted to say that your entries are inspirational. I love to read new tips and to put them into practice in my life. Thanks for creating and keeping up with this website!

Hey Josh. Agreed!
THANK YOU I really REALLLLLY needed this.


I know it is very challenging to eliminate process food such as bread. Are there alternatives to bread that are not processed, did a quick Google search and found something called Ezekiel bread - I am not sure if this is bread or expensive cardboard.


Ive gotta say the closer I inch toward forty the harder I need to work to stay aesthetically fit.

not so much the cutting back in calories (which I refuse to do :)) but eating REALLY REALLY clean.

it's all pretty simple huh? what to do I mean.
people just dont wanna do it :)


Thanks for another great article. I have the Stubborn 7 and the only thing I think it's missing is more nutritional info. Maybe throw in some meals plans somwhere like with an article like this that focuses on nutrition. I think that is the "sticking point" for so many of us!! Thanks Josh!! :)

Great post Josh - when the pressure's on, it seems that people magically start making progress because they are actually eating healthy :). Most people try running and excercising, then don't understand why they aren't making much progress - eating is 80% of the battle! Thanks again for an inspirational post.

YOUR SITE IS AWESOME!! You tell it like it is!

Hi Josh-
For some reason, instead of ordering your book, I ordered another book you recommended by Craig Ballentyne (sp?). The Turbulence Training book. Anyway, I HATE this book!!! It may work for some people, but I find that it is too easy and not intense enough. It's just not the workout for me. It seems like, from your site, that your workouts are more like Jillian Michaels' workouts (which I LOVE, but I have done a lot and am looking for something new). Can you confirm this for me? I don't want another workout like Turbulence Training, and am looking to get my money back as I don't think it's an effective program. I just want to make sure that your workouts are a good mix of cardio and strength training, will take about an hour to complete, and will leave me wiped out!! Does that sound accurate? Thank you!!


The only way my workouts wouldn't leave you totally wiped out would be if you were doing them wrong.

To get a taste of some of my style: go to
and you can try six of those workouts for free.

and try out some of the workouts. They're only 21 minutes, but it'll be the hardest workouts you've ever done in your life.

The S7 workouts are a little longer(more like an hour), but they aren't really "harder" than the Fighter Workouts.

Hi Josh, could you please add before pictures of your clients too and not only the after pictures? We'd love to see those to have an idea about how much change is possible given the timeframe...I myself am at 28% body fat and am looking forward to getting down to 23% following the routine in your book. I'm giving myself 2-3months to get to that goal. Thanks.

Hi, I have found your blog post about "Lose Stubborn Fat!" to be very informative, descriptive and contains useful tips that I would recommend to other bloggers and people searching for useful weight-loss and health related information. My blog is related to yours and I have bookmarked your blog and would be referring back to it to check up on your new posts. I hope you keep on posting good information.

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