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April 20, 2008


Danny John

I must admit that the pics held my attention.

Good stuff as always, Josh...


Love your site, Josh!
I've been wanting to try kettlebells ever since I first read about them on your site. I hate traditional cardio, and the kettlebell workout will probably give me much better results in less time! However, as a graduate student, I don't exactly have the money to afford classes with an instructor. Do you have any suggestions regarding the DVDs at Dragon Door? I'm leaning towards the Women’s 26lb Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Kit (with Andrea DuCane).

Laura Swim

Hi Josh! I would love to send you some before and afters! I am working really hard right now before my wedding coming up... so I want to see the final result in 4 weeks! I just got my body fat tested underwater at 20%. I would really like to get to 18%. I know that's on the lower end :) but I have a lot of muscle though! I am 5'2 and an ex-gymnast and definitely look like an ex-gymnast.


Getting all the right information for losing unessesary fat is key to designing a good eating plan. Losing fat is very scientic and is directly related to our specific body types and metabolism. I have spent alot of time just getting my body on the best eating plan that suits me and works well. Thanks.


Great stuff, Josh. Kettlebell swings have become one of my favorite exercises. Great for fitness and fat loss.

seo services

very nice pictures , i like it very much


I have been using kettlebells for about three years now and I still love them. Being in MN I have been able to attend some of the certification courses, and have a few instructers that teach..I would recommend it for anyone!


Like everyone else I wish to be always fit and in-shape.

Mike Lucas,  RKC

Great article post Josh! Very cool stuff. Keep up the good work!

Mike Lucas, RKC

Mike Lucas, RKC


If your readers are interested we have some really cool vids available now on our site and on YouTube.com (We post some free "how to" kettlebell clips on our page). Check out the link below...I directed a kettlebell training montage! Hope all is well in Denver!

Mike Lucas,RKC

Mike Lucas, RKC

I noticed the link to YouTube didn't show up on the blog thread. If your readers would like to see it they can click on my name in this post. When you get a moment, shoot me an e-mail man I would like to see if you are interested in networking with our group here at Iron Core. 8-)



I really like your site but I'm confused by posts like this. I am a woman who is not "afraid" of lifting weights and building muscle but you seem to always highlight models and actresses who have no visible muscle tone (for lack of a better word) as examples of great bodies. I think KH has a nice figure but she (Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, and their ilk) are definitely not celeb bodies that I want to have. Where are the pics of hot women with equally hot strong bodies? Where's the aspirational chick version of Mathew McConaughey?

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