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January 09, 2007



I enjoy all your articles on running. Iam trying to lose a good amount of fat before this summer and many people like myself think that only running will be good enough.. So after reading your articles I know that I now need to lift some weights after I run or switch it up a bit.

Keep up the writing!

Josh Hillis

Hey Courtney! That's great to hear, I'm glad you like my articles!

Running IS great, it's just not the "end all be all" of fitness. I still go for long runs once in a while just because there is something meditative about it for me. I've started to really like rowing also.

From a body composition standpoint, my request would be that you actually lift weights BEFORE you run. Which ever one you do first is going to get more energy and focus. From the standpoint of how you look naked, weight training first is going to be much more effective for most people.

The exception would be if someone is a competetive runner - in that case running performance comes first and looking hot naked comes second =)



hi im zanab im 16 and wanna losse about a stone and tone up how i got a kettle bellh ow long will it be if i keep sing it that i will loose weight ?

Josh Hillis

Hi Zanab. With intelligent kettlebell lifting and intelligent eating, you should use a pound or two per week.

Getting a kettlebell is a really smart step, and kettlebell lifting has a much higher metabolic demand than what most people do in the gym.

That being said - don't neglect your nutrition. Nutrition is going to be half your results, so make sure you are getting it from good, whole food sources. I strongly recommend reading Tosca Reno's book "Eating Clean"


hi can u plz tell me if i will loose weight my going on a diet of drinking water and eating grilled mean with salad ?

Josh Hillis

check this post:


Also, I stronly recommend getting Tosca Reno's book "Eating Clean".


hello there, my name is zeinab im 19 and i have a huge problem. Well i am not that fat lol actually i do not look like im 200 pounds, unfortunatly i am :(
mmm.... my problem area is my stomack and my arms including my bra rolls i got from wearing the wrong bra for years......
i haven't eaten junk food or drank pepsi for a months,,i have been going to the jym for 2 weeks doing some running,cardio and weight lifting as well, yet i still look the same :S
I wonder what i am doing wrong and sometimes i wonder if my eating habits are not right which sometimes they're off balance.********HELPPPP******* I want to look really gooood as soon as I can and no matter what it takes :(


my names zanab aswell lol i have the same problem exactly the same as you zainab i dont no what we are eating that is wrong lol

Joshua Hillis

If the scale weight isn't going down, there is only one possible explanation -

you are eating too many calories.

You MUST keep a food log and track your calories.

You MUST use a food scale.

I also recommend getting Tosca Reno's book "Eating Clean".

Just remember this - scale weight = total calories. If you eat less calories, your scale weight will go down.

Keep a food log. Find out what you are eating now. Reduce it by 500 calories per day.

Katy Adams

i have been doing the same activitys through out the day, but have been cutting down on my weight. i have lost half a stone over two weeks from 9 stone to 8 1/2 stone. have i lost fat or muscle?

Joshua Hillis

Have you lost any strength? Are you lifting the same or heavier weights?


good read bookmarked will return to read more posts

Rick Budy

Interesting information I haven’t been through such information in a long time.


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