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January 19, 2007

Jessica Alba got her body through smart workouts, not genetics

Of her last eight films, Jessica Alba has been nearly naked in seven of them.  Makes you wonder - What  kind of workout and diet would you do if you had to go to work in a bikini every day, while millions of people watched? 

Jessica is 5ft 6in, 34-25-34, and weighs around 125lb, depending upon her training schedule.  Now I don't know her exact bodyfat percentage, but from the calculations I can do, and knowing clients, friends, and other trainers who have a body like hers - I'd put it right at about 17-18%. 

I think Jessica looks awesome at that bodyfat percentage.  I never recommend for women to go any leaner than that because I think down around 15% women start looking like boys.  Girls should have girl parts.  In fact I think most girls look awesome at about 21%, and some girls even look better at 22-23% than they do at 17%.  It all depends on the woman and her body.

Jessica Alba has talked about how most of her family is overweight, and how she started cooking for herself in her early teens.  I think this is the coolest thing ever.  Most people would assume that Jessica Alba is one of the most genetically gifted women in the world.  She wasn't.  It's awesome to know that she defied her genetics - she built her movie star body on good food and smart workouts.

What that means to you is that if you want it a body like that, go out and get it.  Smart workouts: Squats, lunges, full body movements, short and intense cardio.  Smart eating: Lean proteins, low glycemic carbs, veggies, and little or no sugar. 

Josh_2 By Josh Hillis

author of How To Lose The Stubborn Seven Pounds: Take Your Body from Good to Rockstar.

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)

Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor (RKC) and Combat Applications Specialist (RKC/CAS)

© Joshua Hillis 2007


she has the hottest body ever.

Hey Joshua, I agree with you. My wife looked great at 22% bodyfat. She got down to 16% and she looked like a little boy. Women look a whole lot better with curves.

I enjoyed this article thanks.

Rich I totally agree!

It's much more individual for women than it is for men. Men typically always look better leaner.

Some women look a lot better with more curves, and some women look a lot better really lean.

There isn't a perfect, one size fits all recommendation for women's bodies.


I'm 5'2" and 16 yrs old. I've had health problems that have kept me away from the gym for a while. Do you have any recommendations as to what approach I should take to get in rockstar shape? I currently weigh 117, but I know that I could definitely be more toned. Also, how much protein and calories should I be shooting for each day?


I have tried kind of the same diet
and it did work
but only if you have gym classes with it.
Sorry Jessica I have a much prettier body

Im Joking i dont have a better body
I dream to have the same body lol

Perfect article. You can acheive anything that you would like if you put your mind to it!!!! Good Luck:) Tracey

Dear Josh,

I love your blog. However, the link for the Jessica Alba Workout report that was sent to me does not work. I was wondering if there is a more updated link. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all the workout tips, and have a great day.


Hi Dawn!

I just fixed that. Thank you for letting me know!

Email me at joshhillis at and I'll send it to you.

Also, looked through it, it's prob time I updated it too!

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