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November 10, 2006


Mr. Hong

you spelled concern wrong.

Shawna Seymour

Bravo to this. Also need to dispell the myth of "toned." But your model there looks anorexic and not fit at all. I'm an olmypic lifter who is 112lbs and squating double bodyweight and trust me, there is no way to avoid big muscular thighs if you're actually working. I'm even a vegetarian. However, my body does look "toned," lean and ripped in places. But it ain't ever gonna look like that picture. I'm glad you're advocating women pushing themselves and lifting big weights, and yes, women are rarely gonna get big bulky muscles without juicing, but the woman you put a pic of doesn't even look HEALTHY.


"She's lean, hot, skinny, and small." Almost all the girls mentioned or shown have tiny arms and legs. I, after over 5 years of highland dance and soccer no longer those tiny limbs. Is it possible to get them or no? I sit at about 23% bodyfat currently and my bicep measures about 18 inches.

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I understand the theory behind this article. I have been trying to put into practice for a long time now.

I work out pretty hard and am trying to bulk up just a little bit. I look fairly good but could do with a little more mass. So what I am trying to do is eat just a little more. But I find instead of putting the weight on to the muscles - like the legs and shoulders, it goes straight to my stomach. What am I doing wrong here?

I am eating fairly healthy also. And no I dont have a food log because I am in India and Indian food is very varied and difficult to assess in terms of calorie content.

Joshua Hillis

Mr. Hong, I changed the old picture to pictures of my clients who are lean and strong and healthy.

Joshua Hillis


1.) Focus on QUALITY food, and

2.) Make sure you are getting stronger in your workouts.

Building muscle is much slower than adding fat. 1/2 pound of muscle per week is considered very good.

Anything eaten on top of the fuel for that muscle gain would turn to fat.

It could just be a matter of eating faster than you can add muscle.

gain muscle mass

Hi , thanks 4 this post. It opens some new ways of looking to muscle building and fitness in general. it is just very sad when people are not open for learning new ways and tactics. problem is people are getting confused and even negative about weight lifting when those people start teaching others and preaching their "visions" . it is therefore important to have places like you have here . I wish you best results !


Hey Josh
I love working out my legs but i have a shoulder roblem.This prevents me putting a bar on my neck or shoulder, otherwise i'll get pain for days. Any suggestions how I could work out my legs with freeweights without the bar?


Sometimes dealing with Type II Diabetes can be overwhelming.

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“An hour of vigorous pole walking keeps my blood glucose down for a whole day and as well or better than an hour-long workout at my fitness centre,” says Dan Overmyer a retired University of British Columbia professor

The Canadian Diabetes Association’s 2003 Clinical Practice Guidelines recommend that individuals with Type II Diabetes aim for 50 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (like walking, swimming or cycling) three days week. They also recommend resistance exercise (like wall push ups, lifting soup cans or propelling yourself with Nordic walking poles) be done three times per week.

The founder of Urban Poling Inc., Mandy Shintani an Occupational Therapist in British Columbia says “Because Urban Poling involves more muscles than regular walking, it burns substantially more calories.” And that’s good news for people who are interested in weight loss, adds Shintani

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Weight lifting can literally reverse the aging process. Just working the major muscle groups twice a week can replace 5 to 10 years worth of muscle loss in only a few months.

Build Muscle Fast

Hi there, I really like what you are saying although I can't agree fully on all things you are saying. But I really appreciate your efforts to explain details on muscle building and fitness in general. I would like to see more sites/blogs like this one. Cheers , Sasha


Most women (and a lot of men) don't have to worry about getting "too big." First off, it's a nice problem to have! If you believe you're getting too big, go lighter and with less intensity on the weight training. But odds are, you won't have to worry. It's very difficult to get bodybuilder-huge.

Akon Satar

You posting are wonderful and informative.

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