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April 17, 2006



How can one loose arm flab?

Matt Carter

Thanks for putting this great information out there Josh, and really telling it like it is - makes for a refreshing change to counteract much of the *garbage* uploaded by others.

To be honest, I'm often online reading other's blogs with the idea and scope of forming some Joint Venture partnerships in the future. This blog kind of stopped me in my tracks because it rang so true for me.

When I was training for my last marathon - I too was forced to rest up for a while because my knee caps were being pulled off-center as a result of the training. The weight training program I then adopted help sort this out a treat.

The compound exercises you specify to counteract this imbalance are right on target and I thank you for reminding me of it (it's something that's reared it's head again recently)

Anyhow, I've made a note of your URL and I'll check back again some time in the future.

Thanks again and best of luck to you.

Matt Carter

Josh Hillis

Thanks Matt!

How To Build Up Muscle Fast

One other technique to help runners who are reluctant to "lift" weights: have them hold heavy weights in the contracted position, like the top position of leg extensions. Mike Mentzer described this technique and the amazing strength carryover he discovered in his clients.

It may be a useful way to overcome a typical runner's resistance to "lifting" weights. Hope it helps.


Great article Josh. You would think that most of this is common information but many runners have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to their own program design.


Luke M.

Thanks Josh. This data was very useful. I am getting more serious about running but at the same time want to continue with my weight training. My goal is to have a good amount of lean muscle but also high endurance and able to run distances.

Thanks again!


G Coker

Great information. Although I am not an avid runner, I occasionally jog along with diet and exercise. Thanks

mike thomas

what about people who want to run marathons
but loose too much weight because of genetics is there a program of weights and
diet where this could be minimized


Hi Mike,

I think it is very realistic to expect fat loss when training for a marathon. It's also very possible to train and preserve your muscle mass.


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