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December 21, 2005



Hi Josh! I love all of your articles and have found them to be helpful and motivating. I did have a question however about not eating on an empty stomach. If you want to run in the mornings but not on an empty stomach, how long after eating should you run so as not to get cramps and what/how much should you eat before you run? Thanks again for all your help and advise and keep it coming!

Josh Hillis

Hey Grayson!

It's a little different for everyone - some people can get away with eating much closer to a run than others.

I know for myself, 45 minutes is minimum. And that assumes I ate something fairly light - a banana and a protein shake, for example.


Dear Josh,

Which is more fat burning : yoga or kickboxing if both are done before breakfast? is it true that right after those exercises, we got to take protein so that we dont lose our lean muscle? thanks


Josh Hillis

I'd have a little something to eat an hour before working out, so your workout doesn't suck and you don't pass out.

Kickboxing is more intense (usually), and intensity is what we are going for.

Don't get me wrong, many of my cleints do yoga once or twice a week. But the majority of their "cardio" is short and high intensity. Intense like three, three minute rounds of bag work or focus mitt work in kickboxing.


Dear Josh,
I have to agree with you on everything you said re: weight training for women. I started at the age of 46 with 45% year later i was onstage in front of hundreds of people in a skimpy bikini competeing in my first bodybuilding show. I am now 52 years old and look better than 99% of the 35 year olds i come in contact with BUT it is not for the psychologically or mentally WEAK! You must have more determination and discipline than the normal person.


Well im in my teens and the pressure of having a nice body is very extreme. Especially for me. Im not fat. Not at all but i am 100% motivated to go over the top to accomplish my goal and have a "rockstar" body. Im willing to train everyday and sacrifice seeing my friends when i want to. Im just wondering does all the stufff you say ont his website go for teens to or just adults? And do you have any tips or advice you can give me that will help me?


hey i had a baby 3 years ago in nov 04 and i was 18 when i had him and now i am 21 i just want my belly baby i had c-section and i have nothing there anymore my boyfriend sayed it does not matter but it hurts because he is still in really good shape i weight 142 and i was 110 before my son what should beside the stuff you talked about?

Josh Hillis

Trishaa, all of this stuff definitely works just as well for teens as it does adults - better actually.

Focus on short intense workouts made up of full body movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts. Study how to do those right so you don't hurt yourself.

Food should focus on eating clean - get some protein and a high quality unprocessed carb at every meal. Think fruits or brown rice + meat or fish or chicken + veggies.

Cardio should be short and fast. You could join the track team and run sprints.

Josh Hillis


You should definitely go to


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It is THE best program for moms who want to lose their stubborn "baby fat" and get their body back.


I have 2 questions...
Can pilates be used instead of yoga or are the effects different? And if pilates can be used in the place of yoga can you use a resistance band? Thank you.

Stag Parties MN

Awesome blog, I've been a reader of your blog for a while now, probably one of the best I have come across, very informative.. Keep up the great work, Josh.

Fat Loss Tips

Talk about some motivation to get you up and running on a diet program


Perfect article. You can acheive anything that you would like if you put your mind to it!!!! Good Luck:) Tracey

Hi Jill

Jill, I loved the stripper-Faq! It's what got me started as a stripper in 2000. I created my own site all about how to get jobs and become a female stripper. Http://

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Gee-you women are lucky. You can strip your through college while we guys have to work crappy work-study jobs. :)

ripped abs

It is amazing what a little dedication does. The key to looking incredible is reducing body fat to gain your natural physique. Average women with visual abs are usually at around 15% body fat....


Wow what a bod, think this girl has a 10% body fat.

one single dude

Nice one josh, i agree 100%, your body composition is extremely important if you want to look good. thanks for the advice.


No matter what you do, do it constantly. I had a had a hard time trimming up but it was so worth it.. thank again..


Good article. It was very interesting to learn that squats and lunges should be done with free weights and not machines to get optimal results.


Hi - thanks for the great article - there are some very good ideas here that I'll put to use. I have a question regarding pec work - I work out 3 days a week - 1/2 hour of fast, high-resistance rowing, cycling, or elliptical running (different one each day) and a half hour quick and moderate (Nautalis) weight circuit with 5 sets of 20 reps at each machine. The weight there is 70-90 lbs on lower body and 50-70 lbs on upper body. The question is this: I'd like to lose some of my bust. Is there anything I should do in stead of (or in addition to) the pec exercises to reduce my bustline? I'm 5'7" and 140ish and relatively pleased with my body... the 6 pack abs would be nice, but I have pretty defined lats and traps. I would just like to reduce the bust a little... without surgery. Thanks for any advice!

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