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December 29, 2005



I live in Santa MOnica, and I've seen those rings, evn did a go around my very frist time. but after some time I've lost my "grip strength" and its hard for me to swing on those rings. Any suggestions for improving my grip strength? So I can once again soar in the air?


I agree with your whole-heartedly -- when you get to the point where you love your workouts; when they're fun and challenging, then you've really gotten to where you need to be. Because fitness it's a destination, it's a journey that never, ever ends. Using as just a means is just silly. What's the point if it doesn't make you feel strong and amazing and like you could take on the world??

I would love to try those rings someday. Probably need to work on my upper body strength a bit first, so I can really fly. It must have been a lot of fun. Thanks for the great videos!

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