Fat Loss: Process Goals are more effective than Outcome Goals


One of the most important things we can do to instantly and powerfully impact your results (outcome) is totally counterintuitive — to focus entirely on the process.

There's a balancing act that has to go on between process and outcome, and all of our media, most of our coaches, and everything we've ever been told is entirely outcome oriented — the balance is waaaaaaay off.  And it doesn't work.

Basketball is a perfect metaphor:

If you're playing basketball, the score is sort of an *indicator* or how well you are playing.

But the score isn't the playing.

The playing is the dribbling and passing and shooting. And when that's all going well, usually you get the ball in the basket.

That's all the playing. The actual *on the court* making stuff happen.

The score usually reflects (at some level) how things are going on the court. But THE SCORE IS NOT THE ACTIONS ON THE COURT.

If you play the game looking at the scoreboard, you fail. 

You need to be looking at the person you're going to pass to or the basket you're shooting for.

And that's the way it works in fat loss. The scale *usually/mostly* reflects how you're doing "on the court" with your planning and shopping and cooking and preparing. 

But research is pretty clear that people get better results on the scale (scoreboard) by focusing on their planning/shopping/cooking logistical habits (on the court) than they do focusing on the scale.

And those are all processes.

A process goals could be :

• I'm going to go plan my food week on Sunday. 
• I'm going to cook one more meal than I did last week
• I'm going to log my food for four days this week
• I'm going to bring healthy snacks to work on Wednesdays, when they always bring in cupcakes
• I'm going to work out 9 times this month

Stuff like that. Those are predominantly the kinds of goals you want to focus on. Winning at those kinds of goals drives the outcome.

You body composition goals always catch up with your habit (process) goals eventually

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Process goals

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