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May 23, 2015

Workout Programming: Don't Be That A-hole


Great article from CrossFit One World preaching the reasonableness and common sense we're all about here:

"If you are programming for your gym, don’t do your athletes a disservice and program ridiculously long  and outrageous workouts. Think of what your goal is as a trainer programming for you gym:

    1. Keep your athletes safe and as injury free as possible.
    2. Teach your athletes how to move well.
    3. Get your athletes better than they were yesterday."

If you coach at, or workout at, a CrossFit box — I definitely recommend you read the whole article:

May 21, 2015

Book Review: Can You Go by Dan John

This is a book that is sharp, clear, new information about how to make a bigger impact on the people you personal train or coach. It’s hard to adequately describe how much clearer and more intelligent than what you normally can find in the health and fitness space.

It starts with the 1-2-3-4 assessment, which is the simplest and easiest to use assessment I’ve ever seen in 11 years of being a personal trainer.

From there, it walks you through how to divide people up by their needs in three areas: Strength, mobility, and body composition. Depending on your clients needs in those three areas, you classify them into one of seven categories.

The Venn Diagram of the seven categories is worth the whole price of the book. As a personal trainer, it’s an amazing way to see, immediately, what you need to put into each person's individual program.

From there, you get five tools to impact your client’s results, from workout to food to mindset to community. You get an amazing discussion on how much (volume, intensity, hard workouts) you should have your client do, and how to know what’s enough. The parts about how to stick to your program for decades is worth it's weight in gold.

You get to see two programs outlined in entirety: “Classic Conditioning in 10 Moves” and an advanced program for throwers. These programs take it out theory and you get to see all the points applied. Besides those two complete programs, there are other workout programs sprinkled throughout the book to highlight certain points or focus on what you’d do with a specific athlete. There is a lot of “do this.”

The two amazing things you get in this book:

1) The Can You Go system is brilliantly and simply outlined

2.) Anecdotes and stories connect the dots in a way that’s amazingly fun to read, and illustrate the decades and decades of experience upon which the system was built

I would recommend this book for anyone who coaches or personal trains.

And if you’re a regular workout guy or girl, or an aging athlete, that at any point ends up “being your own coach”, then this book is even more important, because you get to download this coaching system into your head and run yourself through it. Highly recommended.

Full disclosure: Dan quotes me a few times in the book, which totally biases me. I read all Dan’s books, which also biases me. And Dan and I wrote that other book together, which also biases me. Also, I’m sure he’s sending me a review copy of this book (which would also bias me), but I *couldn’t wait* and bought it myself in Kindle and Audible the day it popped up on Amazon. It was money well spent, and I’d definitely recommend anyone who’s serious about his or her fitness to read Can You Go.

May 16, 2015

So I Totally Screwed Up

I tried totally anti-sales, fun “Rockstar” marketing for the coaching club. 

And it totally didn’t work.

Last coaching club had 25 people in it, this one only has 6 (so far).

Which is super cool for that 6 — they are going to get absolutely silly amount of coaching.  It’ll by far be the best “group” coaching anyone’s ever had!

‘Cause that’s how I roll.  Now I get 100-200 people when I do speeches and workshops.  But in the old days, sometimes I’d get 3.  And when I’d get 3 people at a workshop, I’d get even more amped to make a difference for them.  I’d put away the markers and white-board and just circle up the chairs and coach.  And that’s who I am for people — if I’ve got 1 person in front of me or 100, I’m going to give all that I’ve got to make a difference.

So this is definitely not the “right” email to send at the end of a coaching group launch.  But, honestly, anything else would have felt fake.  Truth is, I totally effed up the marketing on this one, by trying something new.

And so I’m guessing that it wasn’t clear or didn’t make sense or something.  So we made this video to try to make it super clear

So there’s still time to jump in before it starts tomorrow.  If you’re looking for the absolute best habit-based fat loss system, with this ridiculously cool app to deliver it, and a coach who will give his heart and soul to get you the results you want, then jump in!

If not, no worries.  I’ve got the book, the free group, the blog, the interviews I’ve done.  There are lots of options around here to get great information about losing fat and leaning up =)

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